My name is Jackie Little and I’ve been an IT Technician for the last two years. I can often be found uttering phrases like “Have you turned it off and on again?”. As the youngest employee of Europlacer at just 21 years old, I haven’t had much previous experience in the industry, and was lucky to have been given this great opportunity after completing my Diploma in Web Design. It’s been a great two years so far and an amazing opportunity to learn, gain experience, and expand my horizons.

The team at Europlacer are excellent, they all have such great senses of humour, and everybody wears a smile around the office; myself included! My colleagues and the company have been incredibly supportive with the recent birth of my beautiful daughter, in fact the company is super supportive of everyone’s individual needs and requirements. We have a very relaxed environment even when everyone pulls together to overcome big projects, and I think that’s so important when it comes to a career, as the saying goes ‘If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life’.

Outside of work I can usually be found playing video games or reading. My love of reading started when I was young, growing up reading the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, and has developed into a taste for more classic literature, for example I’m currently working my way through ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by the legendary Jane Austen, and when I finish this I will continue reading my collection of Johanna Lindsey novels.

I play video games on both the Sony Playstation and on PC. The video games I most enjoy playing are titles such as Diablo 3, Overcooked and Left4Dead. My fiancé is quite good at gaming, and streams video games online while he plays them, which means he plays them and other players opt to watch him to learn tips and tricks about the game, or to see how they can improve their own skills.

At the time of writing this blog entry my daughter is 6 months old, and so of course I spend my time outside of work with her, and it’s a pleasure to watch her grow and develop her own personality. She loves eating Bananas, pulling my hair, and being tickled! We go swimming on Saturdays as being a good swimmer is an important skill when you have the beach on your doorstep! I love to cook homemade food for my family, and our collective favourite is my special Lasagna recipe!