My name is Josh Wolfe and I work in Sales and Marketing for Europlacer. I’ve been with the company since January 2019 when I joined initially as a temp. After about 3 months with the company I was offered a full-time position and my role has been developing ever since then.

The team here are great, they’ve all been really friendly and are always happy to share their knowledge with me and explain things in terms I can understand. I was on the temp market for a long time and was waiting for a company with the right mix of culture and opportunity, I feel I found that here with Europlacer. I get loads of support in my work and have been given the ability to learn new skills and grow my experience through involvement in projects. I feel included and am invited to meetings about the operation of the marketing department, and that really helps me feel like my voice is being heard, I value feeling involved.

When I’m not working, I really enjoy going to motorsports events and playing video games. I like to attend and occasionally take part in drifting events and enjoy tinkering on cars although my daily driver often gives me problems! The British Drift Championships is currently out of season, but I’m eager for the new season to begin to catch up on any roster changes and see which of my friends will take the win in the next season. I usually plan to attend as many as 5 of the events throughout the year from Scotland to Birmingham.

I also enjoy working on my PC and have built my own computer from the ground up, periodically buying new parts for it to ensure it can run new releases smoothly.  I’m currently playing the new Call of Duty game on Xbox and League of Legends on the PC. I look forward to a time when my daughter is old enough to play video games with me, but she only recently turned three so she’s a bit young to jump in as my Player Two at the moment.