My name is Simon Haeckner and my career started with an apprenticeship in Marketing & Communications at the WD-40 Company Ltd in Bad Homburg, Germany. I had a great time with WD-40 and I learned so many new skills, I even had responsibility for my own projects!

I recently joined Europlacer to work in the German direct office, the first things I noticed is how kind colleagues are and what a nice team it is. I speak English well, but was afraid of the language at first, as I traveled to the UK office for my systems training, but the team have been accommodating and there have been no problems with language barriers. I am looking forward to a successful career with Europlacer and feel excited for all the good times ahead.

I my spare time I like to travel, play and coach sports, and of course to spend time with my fiends and family. I really like travelling because it gives me the chance to meet new people. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling in big groups or small groups, whether we are travelling a long way or just a short city break somewhere in Germany, being on the road; exploring, really gives me a buzz.

I used to play Soccer, Basketball and American Football, but unfortunately after quite a serious elbow injury I had to quit playing contact sports. Twice a week I coach a Soccer team of middle-eastern refugees living in Germany, to help them assimilate into society and assist them in learning to speak the German language.

I am a very social person, and you can rarely find me alone! I love to visit local clubs and bars and have an active nightlife, 2-3 times a week I meet with friends for fun activities such as Bowling, Snooker or Darts. On the odd occasion that you do find me without company, I will likely be enjoying a good book. I like reading books about self-reflection and communication skills, as I find these help me to improve myself.