Designed to load PCBs from the magazine rack and deliver them to the next assembly process.


ESL-500 Loader Station

An excellent solution for automating the process of loading PCBs. This PCB loader station is designed to load boards from the magazine rack and deliver them to the next process in the surface mount assembly line.

  • Magazine rack capacity : Max 5 racks
  • Magazine changeover time : 26 sec
  • Able to link with vacuum pickup loader
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • SMEMA interface spec. 1.2

ESL-500 Loader Station helps to automate the process of loading unpopulated boards onto the assembly line, this solution has been expertly designed to work in conjunction with your line, automating an otherwise manual process and helping to improve flexibility and production speed, particularly in conjunction with other PCB Handling equipment.

CAPACITY 5 Racks, UP: 2, DOWN: 3
PCB SIZE (L*W) 50×50-330×250 50×50-430×330 50×50-530×390 50×50-530×460
MAGAZINE SIZE (L*W) 355x318x570 460x400x570 535x460x570 535x530x563
RACK NTC-092 NTC-096 NKAJ-0539R NKAJ-0546R
DIMENSION (L*W*H) 1640x870x1100 2030x980x1110 2410x1070x1110 2410x1140x1110
WEIGHT (kg) 180 200 220 240
AIR 4~6 kgf/cm²
POWER AC110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase

For more PCB handling equipment including other loader options see: https://europlacer-smt.co.uk/smt-products/pcb-handling/

Europlacer are proud to be the sole distributor of Eunil portfolio of products for the UK Electronics Industry. To learn more about Eunil who have been manufacturing PCB Handling equipment since 1994 see their website here: http://www.eunil.co.kr/eng/

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