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Designed to balance the production flow between machines in the SMT assembly line that have different process cycle times.

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NG buffer

First of all the NG Buffer allows boards to be stacked but most importantly permits the review and/or repair of the failed board after the inspection station. For SMT production and stack up, review or repair the failed board after inspection machine.

  • Maximum loading capacity: 12 boards
  • Accurate positioning using integral data comparison
  • Conveyor width auto-adjustment
  • Store faulty boards after automatic optical inspection (AOI) or insert circuit test
  • Option to include a repair station for failed boards
  • Transfer good/pass boards to the next process
  • Selectable functions:  Buffer First-in First-out (FIFO) | Buffer Last-in First-out (LIFO) | bypass | NG
  • Individual belt operation (no-touch handling)
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • SMEMA interface spec. 1.2

PCB SIZE (L*W) 50×50~330×250 50×50~430×330 50×50~530×460
DIMENSION (L*W*H) 870x830x1600 1045x930x1600 1220x1070x1600
WEIGHT (kg) 230 260 310

For more PCB handling options see: https://europlacer-smt.co.uk/smt-products/pcb-handling/

To learn more about Eunil who have been manufacturing PCB Handling equipment since 1994 see their website here: http://www.eunil.co.kr/eng/

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