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TSM Reflow Oven

The TSM A70 Series reflow oven includes Air and Nitrogen atmosphere reflow systems, offering 8, 9, 10 and 13-zone ovens to meet the needs of all manufacturers in the PCB assembly sector.

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TSM Reflow Oven

TSM was established in 1990 and began manufacturing SMT reflow ovens in 1999. They have developed a strong presence in the industry, with more than 1,000 ovens installed worldwide. TSM also manufactures wave solder machines, and introduced curing reflow ovens for semiconductors and LEDs in 2009, they notably also launched a twin, double-sided reflow oven in 2010.

Features & Benefits

Firstly, this oven has ultra-low power consumption, running at 10Kw under load. It comes as standard with a temperature monitoring function –the actual measured temperature is displayed on-screen, any Deviations are alerted by visual and audio alarms. It benefits from automatic conveyor adjustment, chain oiler and start-stop function. The entire system is controlled via the on-board PC, including heater temp, blower fan, and convection velocity. The profile setting is maintained within the optimum range by real time temp measuring in the oven. You can store a temperature profile memory for each product to reduce changeover times and eliminate separate profile checks.


PCB Size 50mm – 460mm
Total Heating Length 2190mm
Individual Heating Zone Length 258mm
On-Load Length 900±20mm
Off-Load Length 900±20mm
Heating Zones (Top) 8
Heating Zones (Bottom) 8
Cooling Zones 2
Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C
Power Supply 3 Phase
avg. Operating Power Consumption 10kw
Dimension (L) 3590mm
Weight (kg) 1300kg

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