Whilst bringing a fresh new look to the SMT screen printer SP210, the printer still retains its reputation as the smallest 23” stencil printer in the SMT printing market with the highest level of capability and quality.

Speedprint maintains a simple approach in developing and producing its equipment to provide the user with the most effective product for the purpose.


Speedprint SP210

The SP210 was developed around the same control and vision platform as the SP700 series. Therefore the SP210 is ideal in any low, medium or high throughput environment, with all the functions necessary to provide years of uninterrupted high performance. The capability of the machine is based upon a platform which utilises the highest specification and quality of components. This includes ground precision ball-screws, combined with the latest innovations in Axis & Vision alignment.

We believe that the development of non value-adding features and options does not best meet the needs of our customers. Therefore our policy is to incorporate as standard, solutions based upon genuine innovation, simplicity and quality.

This principle has lead us to the SP210 where all the critical elements of the process are provided as standard. This means that any investment in a Speedprint product will provide a cost effective solution with the highest level of product quality.

Core features of the SP210

Some of the standard features in the SP210 series include :

Auto rail width adjust
Fully auto stencil load & eject
Fully programmable wet/dry vacuum Under Stencil Cleaner
On-stencil solder bead inspection
SMT printing

Other features

  • When you need to produce product at micron levels then control is key. Consequently the resolution of your control & measuring system needs to be the best it can be. Because of this Speedprint products have always utilised the most advanced drive control technology available. Therefore central to that design is the deployment of 1 micron resolution solid state Linear encoders on all axes. We do this because it really ensures performance at the highest level for the life of the machine.
  • Core to the platform is the unique Dual Roving camera (DRc) vision system. DRc was developed by Speedprint to move printing platforms onto the next level. Our Dual Roving camera helps to manage the dramatic changes in component complexity. This system uses two camera units in a ‘look down – look down’ configuration, and a part of the 1 micron axes system. The DRc system provides SmartCal and removal of any liquid or paste used in the old style single roving calibration process. As a result this provides full and maximum capability for the life of the machine , increasing quality and eliminating cost.
  • In addition, the DRc vision system gives Speedprint users the unique capability of checking for solder paste presence on the stencil before printing. The vision system aligns the PCB with the stencil using fiducial marks and/or PCB/Stencil features. It’s as simple as a click.
  • The simplified nature of the SP210 interface provides comprehensive self diagnostic capabilities.  For example features such as production logging and auto fault report generation, which enables “on the fly” troubleshooting. This means we can support your machine and process remotely, from anywhere in the world.

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