The Szero1 is a manual storage cabinet designed for oddform parts, including sticks, trays, tools, oversized reels and loose devices.


About the Szero1

In short, our Szero1 uses barcode or data matrix labels to allow you to identify, track and manage parts in your line-side storage environment. As a result it can provide you with full traceability data. The system can help to ensure that your operators find it easy to adhere to a ‘First In First Out’ (FIFO) and ‘First Expiring First Out’ (FEFO) regimes for devices.

Our Szero1 is a manual storage cabinet. It is designed for odd-form parts, including sticks, trays, tools, over-sized reels and loose devices. It helps to boost productivity with it’s highly-efficient inventory management without the automation. It’s a key element of the effective materials handling domain managed by our intelligent WMS software suite that resides on the Lzero3 cabinet. The Szero1 acts as a slave cabinet.

Optional Humidity Control

You can fit the Szero1 cabinet with a unit which is able to absorb and above all control the level of humidity. As a result you can work with Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs). Specifically the unit contains the humidity within the cabinet to less than 5% RH. As a result it also allows CEMs to expand capacity with the option of taking on new types of business. And can also be the perfect solution for an OEM who’s products use MSD parts.

Features of the Szero1

The basic configuration consists of six shelves with 192 LED indicated positions. The max configuration is 16 shelves and 512 LED positions
There is the option to add a humidity control unit, which contains the humidity to less than 5% RH.

The Szero1 is part of our Inventory Management Solution, to view the other aspects click here.

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