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Vacuum Loader

Designed to pick up a bard board from the stack and deliver it to the next process in the assembly line.

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Vacuum Loader

The Eunil Vacuum Loader station is designed to pick up a bare board from the stack and deliver it to the next process in the assembly line.

  • PCB capacity : Max 170 boards (based on 1.6mm PCB thickness)
  • Vacuum up/down and base up/down type
  • Able to link with Magazine loader (including Pass mode)
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • SMEMA interface spec. 1.2

Vacuum Loader station has been designed to automate the process of loading boards onto the assembly line. Can be purchased with a number of options such as a touch screen operating panel for greater control, automatic or semi-automatic width adjustment, and a safety cover for enhanced protection to the operator.

PCB SIZE (L*W) 50×50~330×250 50×50~430×330 50×50~530×460
DIMENSION (L*W*H) 700x700x1150 800x800x1150 900x900x1150
WEIGHT (kg) 160 170 180
AIR 4~6 kgf/cm²
POWER AC110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase

For more PCB handling equipment including other loader options see: https://europlacer-smt.co.uk/smt-products/pcb-handling/

Europlacer are proud to be the sole distributor of Eunil portfolio of products for the UK Electronics Industry. To learn more about Eunil who have been manufacturing PCB Handling equipment since 1994 see their website here: http://www.eunil.co.kr/eng/

For any further enquiries or to receive a quote please fill out a contact form using the link above – Contact.

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