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With WMS Software, production engineers can resolve to single units – one reel, one tape, one stick, one tray – and manage each individually.


About the Program

Managing lot sizes of one is a prerequisite for lean manufacturing. With WMS Software, production engineers can resolve to single units – one reel or one tape, one stick or one tray – and manage each individually. Subsequently allowing for more precise stock control.

Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) software is certainly at the heart of every effective line-side or warehouse storage domain. For instance, it is a key part of our Lzero3 cabinets as well as linking to our Szero units, which act as slaves. Above all, our WMS software delivers precise material control and tracking for every assembly logistics phase from data input and materials in, all the way through to job planning and picking sequencing, and kitting and re-stocking. In other words, it’s a fully paperless process.

Firstly barcode scanning provides the data needed to validate, trace, store and ultimately plan. Secondly, kitting is auto optimised against stock levels, availability and job schedules. Moreover, and most key, WMS knows the exact location of every reel, stick and tray across the production site, which most importantly includes on the live line, in feeders or in trolleys. Consequently it handles multiple jobs, stock deployment priorities, MSD exposure directives and quarantine requirements.

Similarly to the other Integrated Intelligence solutions from Europlacer, WMS offers seamless integration with ERP, MRP and SCM systems for business-wide efficiency. As a result, operators can input units absolutely anywhere, then simply load and go.  In conclusion, it is the ideal ‘stock and forget’ solution.

Features of the WMS Software

Graphical User Interface RC
Multi job optimiser
New Product Introduction (NPI)
Auto Adaptive Sequencing
Offline RC
CircuitCam Express (Aegis)
Set-up help
Stock Management
Total Traceability

The WMS Software is part of our Inventory Management Solution, to view the other aspects click here.


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